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Placement Tests

At ALITI American Online School, it is important to us that your child receives the best education available. It is for this reason that the learning material we provide has been sourced from Calvert Education, the nation’s leading homeschooling curriculum publisher.

To accurately place your child into Calvert Education’s curriculum, together with Calvert Education, we are able to offer free placement test resources to all of our ALITI American Online Education Students.

Placement tests are important to allow for a smooth transition for your child from traditional schooling to homeschooling (or vice-versa). It also prevents learning gaps and determines if your child should be learning at a higher or lower level than expected.

What matters is that your child is given the freedom to learn at their own pace, in order for them to receive the best educational experience for them to be able to reach their full potential as the young adults of tomorrow.

Placement Test Request

Complete the form below to request a placement test for your child.

Placement Test

Name of Student*

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Expected Current Grade*

Is your child currently Homeschooled or in a Regular School?*

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